Hello! We are temporarily accepting guest posts until November 30th.

Dr. Rozl is an online stationery store made for crafty, creative, and productive planners and stationery addicts.

Through our blog, we want to help our readers achieve peace of mind, functionality, and productivity. We believe that we can help our readers accomplish this by sharing creative planning and bullet journaling tips and advice. Our goal is to help transform their hectic and overwhelming lives to one that is FUN! 

If you love stationery or have a passion for all things cute, creative, and fun, then this is a great opportunity to share your knowledge! 

This is NOT an opportunity for negative, dull, boring, and overly self-promotional writing. We want to give value to our readers! We want them to learn something new with every post that we share!

Examples of Posts That We Are Interested In

  • 10 Fun Ways to Increase Your Productivity Every day
  • 5 Ways Bullet Journaling Has Changed My Life
  • 10 Hacks to Make Your Planner More Organized

These samples are simply to help you understand our mission and our goals. We encourage creativity and thinking outside of the box!

How To Apply:

Please send an email to contact@drrozl.com with the following information:

1. A link to your blog

2. Why you believe your style/writing interests would be valuable to the readers of Dr. Rozl Supply.

3. Example Topics

We will contact you if we think you are a suitable fit. 

Please note, by submitting a post to us, you are agreeing to allow us to make edits as needed before posting to our site.



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