What TF is a Bullet Journal? | A Complete Guide

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get your life together. From planners, calendars, to mobile apps, you've tried everything to organize your appointments, assignments, and work schedules. Someone had mentioned to you to try out bullet journaling, but what is a bullet journal (bujo)?

What is a BUJO?

Ryder Carroll founded the bullet journal to adapt to anyone’s organizational needs. It can be your to-do list, diary, sketchbook, notebook, or planner. This analog system is the perfect blend of functionality, creativity, and productivity.


The Four Key Components

1. Rapid Logging

Note taking is long and tiresome. Rapid logging is a form of short note-taking - or bullets.


Examples of Bullets:

  • Tasks
  • Migrated Tasks: Tasks that have been to the next day, month, or another list
  • Schedule Tasks: These tasks have specific due dates.
  • Completed Task
  • Events
  • Notes

bullet journal key

As you can see, I made my own bullets to represent daily intentions, gratitude bullets, and questions!


Use collections to organize your entries. Create shopping lists, to-do lists, notes, or a list of your goals.


The Three Main Core Collections

  • Monthly Log: The monthly log is a calendar that organizes your monthly tasks.

January bullet journal monthly log

  • Daily Log: This log helps you schedule everyday tasks.
  • Future Log: Use this log to store tasks, dates, or appointments months in advance.

future log layout bullet journal


This is your table of contents. Use the first pages of your journal to keep track of your collections and their page numbers so that you can quickly find them!

pastel bullet journal index markers

Why Bullet Journal?

Whether you’ve tried using a traditional paper planner or can’t figure out how to use your mobile calendar app, bullet journaling is a one-size-fits-all-solution for people that want to be organized and productive. For many, the bullet journal can relieve stress, bring clarity, or just be a creative outlet! So gather up all of your essentials and learn how to start your bullet journal today.

Start Your Bullet Journal Now!

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Roselle Caballes

22 year old planning guru & bullet journal addict writing to help people find peace of mind, productivity, and functionality through creative planning.


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  • Jessika

    Wait?! Blogs don’t have a like button!? Loved this, thanks for the breakdown. I love how I can zoom in on your pictures and get a really good example of what you’re talking about! ;-)

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