Starting a Bullet Journal | A Step By Step Guide For Beginners

You’ve gathered all of your bullet journal essentials, and now you’re ready to transform your life. You are finally starting a bullet journal. Goodbye disorganization and hello to the new and improved productive you! But wait, how do you even begin?

1. Start With the Index

Creating the index can be as simple as writing “index” on the first two pages of your journal. This section will be your table of contents. It will make finding lists and collections quick and easy.

Tip: Be specific when labeling pages in your index.. Try color-coding or using stickers to categorize the index pages.

2. Make a Key

How will you organize your entries? Use bullets to differentiate between events, tasks, and completed tasks. You can get creative and use your own symbols like hearts, stars, and more!

Tip: Add signifiers to make priority tasks and appointments stand out. Never miss class or a meeting again!

3. Create a Future Log

This section is an overview of tasks, important dates, and events that are scheduled months in advance. Start with next month, and then outline next 3-6 months.

Tip: Use the future log to keep track of your birthdays, holidays, and upcoming bills!

4. Make Lists and COllections

You’re starting this journal because you want to improve your time-management, relieve some stress, express some creativity, or just remember to do your laundry! Use the next few pages to create lists and collections of your goals, tasks, or shopping lists.

This is a collection of my polaroids for my best moments in 2019.

Tip: If you don’t know where to start, click here to get a list of 100 awesome collection ideas.

5. The monthly And Weekly Logs

These pages will map out your - you guessed - the month and week!

January bullet journal monthly log featuring a goals and task list.

A weekly log featuring a notes section and water trackers.

Tip: New plans always randomly pop-up. Leave space on your monthly log to record tasks for next month. Write it down, and don’t worry about it until later.

Get Organized and Get to Journaling

Life is hectic and overwhelming, but starting a journal will help you live a productive life. It doesn’t have to be difficult to start, just open up a notebook, and make some lists!

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