February is here and so is the season of love. While others are planning date night for their valentine, I decided that this February, love starts with me. Whether you want to reduce stress, increase productivity, or overcome anxiety, starting a self care bullet journal has many health benefits. I decided to celebrate self love by tracking the five dimensions of self care in my bullet journal.

2019 Self Care Bullet Journal Tracker

What are the Five Dimensions of Self Care?

There are five ways to categorize self care. It is important to address the five dimensions so that you can live at your maximum wellness.

1. Physical

Physical self care refers to habits that contribute to your physical heath such as exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and drinking water.

2. Spiritual

Spiritual self care involves nurturing the beliefs and values that guide your life. This can include meditation, praying, and any other spiritual practice.

3. Intellectual

Intellectual self care is promoting your self-growth and learning. Examples of this are learning a new topic, taking a class, or reading a book.

4. Social

Social self care refers to nurturing your relationships. You can grab coffee with a friend, call a family member, or attend a social event.

5. Emotional

Emotional self care is practicing awareness of your feelings and emotional needs. This can be addressing your stress or allowing yourself to cry.

Creating a Self Care Bullet Journal Tracker

There are so many self care bullet journal ideas, but I created a list in my bullet journal that is segmented into the five dimensions. Underneath I listed ideas that I could use throughout the month.

Five Dimensions of Self Care Bullet Journal Page

On the left, I created a self care tracker. The goal of this was to practice at least one form of self care everyday. The key is color-coded based on the five dimensions. This helped me make sure that I cared for myself in all of the different forms.

Daily Self Care Tracker

Final Thoughts

I started my bullet journal to schedule tasks and keep track of important deadlines. Tracking self care in my journal has helped me manage my stress and live life with more positivity.