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You've seen the beautiful spreads posted by #bujojunkies all over Pinterest and Instagram, and you've done some research about the bullet journal. Now, you're ready to start bullet journaling. But, what do you need to begin? 

This helpful analog system is meant to be used by anyone with anything! All you truly need are a notebook and pen. But you want to make the bullet journal of your dreams, I understand. You want to make cute, decorative, and colorful designs. Well lucky for you, I have spent years searching for the best stationery items, and as a bullet journal addict myself, I'm here to share with you the best bullet journal supplies for beginners. 


list of bullet journal essentials

The Best Bullet Journal Notebooks

A dot-grid journal is essential for bullet journaling. There are three notebooks that are most popular amongst bullet journal lovers.


1.Leuchtrrum 1917


Price: $19.99
Size: A5

A classic, this hard-bound A5 notebook is the original bullet journal. It comes with a key, blank table of contents, a back pocket, ribbon closing, and 249 numbered pages! Best yet, this threadbound notebook lays completely flat, making it perfect for comfortable writing and doodling. It comes in over 15 different colors and various sizes. My favorite thing about this journal, are the tutorials of how to bullet journal hidden in the back - making this the perfect bullet journal for beginners!

2. Scribbles that Matter

Price: $19.99

Size: A5

Another cult favorite, is the Scribbles That Matter dotted journal. With bright and vibrant color options, this journal presents a more fun look versus the classic and sleek style of the Leuchtrum 1917. This notebook also has 3 key pages, 1 key code page, and 201 numbered pages. What makes this adorable notebook unique? It includes a pen loop, a page for testing pens and the thick 100gsm paper is great for bullet journalers that love to use markers, sharpies, and even watercolors!

The Best Pens for Bullet Journaling

Use of pens depends on your style and preference, but here are some fan favorites and what they are popular for.

1. Muji Gel Ink

Starting at about $9 for a pack, these pens feature a minmalistic and unique design. The best thing about them, is the super fine 0.5mm tip point! The Muji Gel Pen is ideal for those that enjoy making detailed drawings, fine lines, and taking clean notes!


2. Sakura Micron Pigma Pens

This 6-count set features a variety of fine tips and smooth black micron ink. The best thing about these pens? The ink is nearly smudge proof, and the various fine tip sizes make these great for sketching and doodling! You can buy this pack on Amazon for only $10.96.

3. Fineliners

Make colorful doodles and spreads with a pack of fineliners! This pack comes with 24 vibrant colors at .38mm fine tip. The ink colors are not only beautiful, but smooth writing as well. You can also find this pack on amazon for an affordable $7.97.

Highlighters & Markers

Having a pack of great highlighters and markers are essential for marking important notes, and sometimes, even making great lettering! Here are some of the top picks of highlighters for bullet journaling

1. Zebra Mildliners

If you follow other bullet journal junkies, than you've definitely seen these at use. Many bullet journalers swear by these highlighters, and so do I.  The Zebra Mildiners come in a variety of beautiful colors and they feature a double-sided broad, chisel, and fine tip. Why is that great? The versatility of this highlighter allows for thick and thin lines - perfect for creating amazing lettering and drawings. To make things better, the gorgeous subtle colors are made with water-resistant and fast drying ink. Say goodbye to smears! You can grab this pack of 15 for $16.99.

2. Tombow Dual Brush Pens

The best of the best! Tombow dual brush pens are ideal for bullet journalers that would like to create beautiful lettering and headers. They feature a soft-brush tip and fine tip - making these pens adaptable for your creative process! Not only are the color options GORGEOUS, but the ink is non-toxic and completely blendable! You can grabs a set of 10 for $13.38.


Cute stationery, stickers, and more accessories!

Okay, now you've gotten the basics down. 

Ahh... this part is probably the most exciting! You've got all the essentials - a notebook, pens, markers, and highlighters, but now it's time to really have some fun! Here are some essential accessories to take your bullet journal to the next level.


1. Bullet Journal Stencils


If you struggle with making neat boxes, borders, and banners, then these stencils will be an ABSOLUTE LIFE-SAVER. This set of 20 different stencils provide an easy way to make beautiful spreads. 

2. Stickers

Using decorative stickers are a great way to add some cuteness and fun to your journal. We have dozens of cute options up to 40% off at!

Here are a few adorable options:


*Click the images for more details*
3. Washi Tape

Decorative washi tape is perfect for adding borders and adding a cute touch to your journal. Also up to 40% off on, we supply cute and personally curated collections of washi-tape!


*Click the images for more details*

And there you have it, everything you could possibly need to make your first bullet journal. I hope you found this article helpful. Comment below your favorite supplies, and happy journaling!

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