5 Bullet Journal Hacks to Make Planning Fun

You started a journal to get your life together, but you’re running out of ideas and inspiration. Sometimes, setting up your weekly can be a drag. Bullet journaling is a great way to stay productive and organized, but it shouldn’t be boring! Here are 5 Bullet Journal hacks to make planning fun:


1. Get Crafty

While many enjoy the simplicity of a minimalist style bullet journal (bujo), you crave artistic expression. Grab all of your journaling supplies. Use colorful markers, stickers, and washi tape to add fun to your planning.

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2. Challenge Yourself

Making weekly layouts and monthly logs can get boring. Try a challenge to spice up your life. From the My Doodle Nine to dozens of Journal Challenges, there are so many fun ideas to try!

bullet journal challenge my doodle nine
Check out these awesome doodles from challengers around the world!

3. Find A Journal Buddy

Who said journaling can’t be social? Does your friend bullet journal? Significant other? Family member? Schedule a time to plan together, but don’t forget the markers!


5: Start a Bujo Gram

Why keep your designs to yourself? Get on Instagram and share the inspiration! Who knows, maybe you’ll make an internet bujo bestie.


4. Join A Community

This has to be one of the best bullet journal hacks of them all. Make planning fun by connecting with people around the world. There are THOUSANDS of fellow journal junkies out there. Check out Facebook groupsPinterest Communities, or Reddit Forums. Who knows what inspiring ideas or spreads you’ll discover!

Life Can be Productive and Fun

You should look forward to planning your week. Use these bullet journal hacks to making journaling an enjoyable experience!

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