2019 is a here and you've started your bullet journal. This year you want to practice more self love and you know there are so many benefits to practice self care. Try these amazing spreads in your self care bullet journal to achieve maximum health and wellness!

Self Care Bullet Journal Ideas

1. The Five Dimensions of Self Care

This spread outlines every aspect of self love.

2. Luxurious Self Love

Who said caring for yourself couldn't be luxurious? Spoil yourself.

3. Rest, Relaxation, Companionship, Expression, and Health

Use this spread to meet all of your self love needs.

4. A Simple List

This simple to-do list breaks down self compassion into two categories: relaxation and mind/body.

5. A Guide

This awesome journal spread is a personal tutorial.

6. The Routine

Make it a habit by outlining your routine.

7. Doodle Ideas

What better way to list out your ideas than to doodle them?

8. 10 Ways to Love Yourself

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I'm happy to present you our collaboration with @passionatehobbyist! This is my first project of this kind, and we decided to dedicate it to #bulletjournalselfcare challenge. I was inspired by wonderful @amizaomar, and as you can see, even used the same colours, but I wrote this all by myself (of course, in some ways we feel the same!). I hope you'll like it, I'm doing such thing for the first time and I'm a bit nervous😬😆 Don't forget to check Masha's version, too! ➡@passionatehobbyist . Это моя первая коллаборация с Машей @passionatehobbyist, и мы решили посвятить ее челленджу заботы о себе. Фразы, которые я написала, в чем-то банальны, но я писала максимально искренне, и возможно, кому-то это придется по душе. Меня вдохновила так же @amizaomar - даже цвета я позаимствовала у нее. Обязательно загляните к Маше и посмотрите, что получилось у нее! . #bujo #bulletjournal #bujoinspiration #bujospread #bujobeauty #bulletjournalspread #bulletjournaling #journaling #quote #quotes #succulent #art #creative #qotd #selfcare #loveyourself #bulletjournals #bulletjournalrussia #буллетджорнал #буджо #ежедневник #selflove #succi #journals #writing

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9. A Flow Chart

10. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Or a doodle...

11. The Checklist

12. The Bullet Journal Self Care Challenge

13. Ideas to Love Yourself

14. A Compliment Wall

Track all of your compliments with this spread. It will always make you smile.


15. The Minimal List of Ideas

Short, sweet, and straight to the point.

16. A Pixelated Tracker

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Self Care Experiment (Emotional Care): Part of taking care of ourselves emotionally is letting go of the notion that once everything else around us is settled or straight or achieved, THEN we can finally sit back and take care of ourselves and be happy. However, a lot of our happiness has to do with how we interpret and perceive what is happening to us right now. In this very moment, how are you feeling? How are you REALLY feeling? The more specific you are, the better. If you're not feeling so great, what can be done? If absolutely nothing can be done, are you able to change your perspective about it? ------------------------- I just started to use my version of a self care tracker this month. In it, I try to make sure I take care of as many as my self care needs per day. I'm not looking to fill every box everyday. Different areas may be attended to more than others at different times (for instance, my professional care is looking a little empty. But it's okay because I'm on summer vacation until September, when I go back to teaching my class). This tracker is used to help me reflect back and ensure that I do take care of myself in a variety of ways. I figure in this way I can improve my chances of being content with where I am in life so far. #selfcarejournal #selfcarebulletjournal #selfcarelayout #beingcontent #beinghappy #feelinggood #bulletjournalcommunity #plannercommuntiy #bulletjournaling #trackingmyhappiness #bulletjournaltracker #planninghealthandfitness 8.16 Today's Mood #planwithmechallenge 8.8 My Day #bohoberrychallenge 8.18 Brainstorming

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17. More Ideas

18. "You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup"

An inspiring headline to motivate your self care practice.

19. A Bar Graph

For the data geeks, this spread is a unique way to track your self care habits.

20. Healthy Habits Count Too!

Physical care is self care. This awesome bullet journal page focuses on all of the ways to care for yourself through keeping your body healthy!

21. A Long List

We've shared simple lists, but you can make long ones too.

22. A Circular Tracker

Isn't it pretty?

23. A Dot Grid

24. Taking Care of Me

25. Calendar Days

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Self-care tracker✨

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26. More Data Collection

27. A Self Care Log

We like how this tracker breaks down different activities.

28. Can't Get Enough of the Data!

29. Make it a Priority

This spread has a list of quotes to inspire you.

30. Graphs and More Graphs

31. Finding Time

A friendly reminder for when you're struggling to make time for yourself...

32. On The Go

Life can move fast. This list is for the busy bees that need time for themselves too!

33. A Beautiful Wall

Spread the Love!

It is important to make self care a daily ritual. There are so many ways to track this in your self care bullet journal. Get to planning and start spreading the love!